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MP 620 - 630 | Debian Based Univeral Installer

This Works for ALL Debian Based Systems

This Installer has been built for x86 and x86_64.

The Installer has been tested on
  • Ubuntu 8.04 - 12.04
  • Debian 5 - 6
  • Mint 10 - 12.

The Universal install has been updated to Version 5.0 and now provides a function to clean up old packages, additionally there is no more compiling, the installer uses all precompiled DEBS which will allow for easy upgrading later as well as better capabillity to uninstall if need be.

As with my previous post, this article will help you install the Canon MP620 and or MP630 Printer on a Debian Based Linux machine. What differentiates this HOW-TO from the others is that this is a place to download an installer script to allow you to install the printer with minimal effort and by minimal I mean that the Printer in normally functional in around 15 minutes.

This Installer works on BOTH 32bit and 64bit

I developed this script to help ease the installation and transition from Windows to Linux, and to allow people to get their Linux systems running with the least amount of effort.

! Upgrade Process !

If you are upgrading to your installation of the Printer all you now have to do is install this new version of the script all of the package purging and PPD removal is automatically taken care of for you.

Getting the script

To get this script and install files you will need to install git. Git is available in Ubuntu, Debian, and Mint from the base repositories.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install git-core

Once you have git installed, you will get the files using git.

git clone git://

Now enter the installation directory

cd MP620-630-Linux-Printer/

Installing the printer

The first thing that you need to do is to open a terminal. Go to from the terminal enter the following commands.

sudo su

Now tell your system that the file is Executable

sudo chmod +x

Now all you need to do is run the installer


If you know your ROOT users password and do not feel like using SUDO, you can simply switch to root for the install of the script.

su -c 'bash ./'

The installer will take around 5 - 15 minutes to complete. Once Completed you will have to go to your system printer configuration screen. You should have the canon BJNP protocol available. Click the network discovered Printer, either Canon MP620 or 630 Allow the configuration window to search the for the Drivers The Installer knows what the printer is, if you choose to change the name you can feel free, but the name is auto prompted. Finish the installer and print the test page and close the Printer Configuration Window Upon Competion you will have the ability to print and Scan via USB and or Networking.

Scanning from the MP620 - 630

After Completing the installation your printer will have been setup and configured for Printing as Well as Scanning.

To user your scanner you have to activate the scan process from the Linux Host system.

*Your Printer will not see the Linux System from the On-Printer-Menues*

Here is the Simple Scan Process

Open Simple Scan, this can be located in the Graphics Menu, If you do not have it already you can find Simple Scan in the software center. Once Simple Scan is open click Document >> Preferences Make Sure you see the Canon MP620 Printer Selected, if it is not selected Select it.

Choose the settings that you want and then click close Now go to the printer and load a document on the scanning bed Go back to the Linux System and click the Scan Button That is IT!

Supplementary Information

Some users have reported that in the 64Bit, x64, installation they have had to input the IP address of the printer in the "Canon Networking field" of the Printer install. If your system is not detecting the Canon Printer in the detected Printers field you can input the IP address manually

Manual Networking Setup
  • Select Canon Networking type
  • A bar will open up and allow you to input the Printer protocol, IP and port
  • The input should look like: bjnp://X.X.X.X:8611 (Replace "X" with the IP address of the Printer)
  • Now click forward through the menu and make sure you select the Canon Driver set with the "MP630 ver.3.00" Driver.
  • Complete the installation and print a test page.

Hope this helps

Here is the download link for the script, if you would like to check it out and or modify it MP620 Universal Install Script, by all means feel free.

If this helps you out please let me know and post a comment. I love hearing from you guys.

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