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Home Server Episode 1

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I've decided to build a home server with the intention to build a system which can power virtual machines, allow for SR-IOV, IOMMU, and gaming from a virtual desktop. This system will be running OpenStack on the latest Ubuntu LTS with the latest LTS kernel.

Here are the specs:

server parts

The Motherboard and chipset both support SR-IOV and IOMMU out of the box so there's nothing much I need to do to make that go from a hardware perspective. While the bios does support fakeRAID, I will be using software RAID at RAID0 on two of the disks all within a standard AHCI setup. This should allow the OS and my VMs to perform without contention. This system will be run headless when the gaming/workstation VMs are not running.

it fits

Checkout this post for OS installation details which covers some of the problems I ran into while attempting to install Ubuntu Server 16.04.x using USB media.

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